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  • Discover the NEW Mobile Deployment Kit !

    06/18/2019 12:54 pm

    We are glad to launch this week the our new Mobile Deployment Kit for SPYNEL-M

    To continuously improve our security solution, we just launched our new Mobile Deployment Kit for SPYNEL-M. The Kit includes a long-term autonomy battery, a wireless connection and a rugged tablet. The user can now be assigned to another mission without taking any risk: they will receive an alert on the tablet ! This innovation is particularly convenient for temporary protection needs, for instance : the protection of a perimeter during a Special Forces mission, or to secure a public event, or the visit of a VIP. The Mobile Deployment Kit is also adapted to the surveillance of construction sites or borders.

    Discover all the possible applications: Download our White paper ! 

    Check out our video !

    Read the press release !